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About Us

Our Company

Bingham & Taylor, a trusted leader with a long-standing reputation in the industry, provides the broadest and most versatile range of products designed for easy, safe, and secure access to underground utilities.

  • A Legacy of Innovation

    Established in 1849, Bingham & Taylor proudly holds the original patent for the Buffalo-style utility box, a design that has become a global standard for water and natural gas utilities for more than a century. With a heritage spanning 175 years, we are a Woman-Owned Business deeply rooted in the waterworks and natural gas sectors. As founding members of the American Water Works Association and the American Gas Association, we remain committed to advancing their missions of improving water and gas quality and supply throughout North America.

  • Commitment to Quality and Manufacturing Excellence

    Our state-of-the-art metallurgy lab, managed by an elite team of engineers, ensures that every product adheres to the highest standards of quality and consistency. Proudly crafted 100% in the USA, our offerings not only meet but exceed the American Iron and Steel (AIS) Requirement and the Build America Buy America (BABA) Act standards. This steadfast commitment reflects our dedication to manufacturing excellence and superior quality.

  • Engineered for Endurance

    Our state-of-the-art metallurgy lab underpins our commitment to durability. Here, we rigorously test for endurance, ensuring that our products deliver long-lasting strength, high impact resistance, and wear resistance. This meticulous approach not only extends the lifespan of our products but also optimizes them for reduced weight and cost, enhancing both value and performance for our customers.

  • Your Collaborative Partner in Product Development

    At Bingham & Taylor, we prioritize direct collaboration to tailor solutions that meet your specific needs. Our team excels in creating bespoke products that enhance the functionality and efficiency of your applications. With skilled craftsmen and advanced manufacturing technologies, we streamline production processes to deliver consistent, high-quality results. This focus ensures that each product not only meets but exceeds the unique demands of your projects.

  • Our Commitment to a Sustainable Future

    At Bingham & Taylor, sustainability is at the core of our mission. Our products and practices are designed with longevity and environmental responsibility in mind, supported by rigorous Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles. We are dedicated to ensuring the safe delivery of clean drinking water and natural gas, while also prioritizing the well-being of our employees and communities. Our holistic approach promotes a sustainable and resilient infrastructure for future generations.

Bingham & Taylor CARES: Our Values

These are the principles our company was founded upon and continue to embody today.

  • Collaborative

    We believe in the power of working together. We think about how what we do affects others. This is why Bingham & Taylor works with our team members, customers, vendors, and partners to create custom solutions that move the industry forward.

  • Creativity

    We encourage new ways of thinking, learning, and doing. We listen to ideas with an open mind and focus on developing innovative, cost-effective solutions for our customers.

  • Accountability

    We take ownership of our decisions and actions. We are responsible for our outcomes and look for opportunities to improve processes and empower people to take action.

  • Respectfulness

    We treat others with courtesy, sincerity, and openness while embracing diversity. Our actions and words reflect our culture of respect at all levels of the organization.

  • Excellence

    We strive to create exceptional value for our employees, customers, and suppliers through quality interactions, products, and business solutions. At Bingham & Taylor, we provide superior product quality and customer experience because no job should have to be done twice.

  • Sustainability

    We invest in our people and operate our business to the highest standards, seeking best practices in all facets of the organization.

    When you do business with Bingham & Taylor, you’re investing your time, energy, money, and trust in us. That is why collaboration, creativity, accountability, respectfulness, excellence, and sustainability are at the core of our business practices and relationships.

Commitment to American Manufacturing

All products manufactured by Bingham & Taylor are 100% Proudly Made in the USA and fully comply with the American Iron & Steel (AIS) and Build America Buy America (BABA) Acts.

At Bingham & Taylor, we proudly support the infrastructure of the United States by ensuring all our products comply with both the American Iron & Steel (AIS) Act and the Build America, Buy America Act (BABA). These Acts are fundamental to maintaining and enhancing our national infrastructure through the exclusive use of American-made materials.

The AIS Act ensures that all iron and steel products used in public water systems or treatment works funded by the Clean Water State Revolving Fund (CWSRF) or the Drinking Water State Revolving Fund (DWSRF) are produced in the United States. This compliance supports domestic manufacturing and guarantees the highest quality in every product we offer, providing our customers with assurance that they are investing in products that meet rigorous federal requirements for quality and sustainability.

Building on this commitment, the BABA Act, enacted as part of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act on November 15, 2021, mandates that all materials used in federally funded infrastructure projects, including iron, steel, and other significant components, are manufactured in the USA—from the initial melting process to the final application of coatings. Our adherence to these strict standards not only supports American manufacturing but also contributes to economic growth and the resilience of national infrastructure. We maintain rigorous documentation to ensure compliance with both AIS and BABA, reflecting our dedication to fostering American industry and labor.

By choosing Bingham & Taylor, you are assured of products that are 100% made in the USA, supporting federal regulations and enhancing your project’s compliance and sustainability.

Industry Affiliations

Bingham and Taylor is proud to play an active part in the industries we serve and to be actively affiliated with following national and regional organizations.

National Organizations

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Regional and Local Associations

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