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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the difference between an “A-Style” meter frame and a “C-Style” meter frame?

    For an “A-Style” meter frame, the meter lid fits inside the rim frame and flush with the top of the frame. For a “C-Style” meter frame, the meter lid sits on top of the meter frame and overlaps the frame. See Page 5 of our Meter Pits, Frames, & Lids Catalog.

  • What is the difference between a riser and an adapter?

    A riser is used to raise the height of a valve box a small increment (maybe 1” or 2”) often due to paving operations. They are also called “paving risers”. An adapter can transition products from one diameter to another or from one material to another.

  • What is the difference between a curb box and a valve box?

    A curb box accesses the curb stop of a service line and is typically installed behind the curb line of a street. A valve box accesses an underground valve on the mainline utility infrastructure. Curb boxes are typically 3” in diameter or less and valve boxes are typically 4” in diameter or greater.

  • What is the difference between “Old Style” and “New Style” curb boxes?

    Old Style curb boxes have a lid that fits over the rim of the top section and extends beyond the top section. New Style curb boxes have a lid that fits inside the rim of the top section. See page 4 of the Curb Box and Valve Box Catalog.

  • What is the difference between blow molded plastics and injection molded plastics?

    The B&T blow molding process starts with ABS plastic pipe, heats the pipe until it becomes pliable, and then passes compressed air through the pipe to form the product to the given die. The B&T injection molding process melts pelletized polypropylene, injects the material into a mold where it fills and solidifies to form the final part.

  • Can plastic valve boxes be placed in the roadway?

    Plastic valve boxes can be placed in the roadway provided the appropriate road-rated rim is included.

  • What is the advantage of white plastic over black plastic pipe used for curb and valve boxes?

    White plastic significantly increases the visibility for utility workers when looking into a curb or valve box.

  • Are there alternatives to locking lids for valve boxes?

    Yes. The Long-Skirt or the Tri-Skirt heavy duty lids are good alternatives to locking lids. They are specifically designed to only be removed by lifting straight up, thereby minimizing or eliminating “pop outs” from high traffic areas.

  • What is the most secure device for locking valve boxes from unauthorized use?

    The B&T Valve Sentinel® is the most durable, high-security device on the market for protecting valve boxes.

  • Are Bingham & Taylor curb boxes and valve boxes interchangeable with competitor’s products?

    B&T offers the most complete line of cast iron and plastic curb and valve boxes in the industry. Our products are interchangeable with those offered by our competitors. Contact us for more information about our products.