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Frequently Asked Questions


Are all your products AIS-certified?

Yes, 100% of our products are made in America and AIS-certified. If needed, we can provide documentation of AIS certification. Learn more about AIS-Certification.

How do I specify your products at my utility?

Our sales team is specifically trained to help facilitate specifications at utilities and are happy to help get you the content you need to get approval of our products. Contact the Sales Director for your utility and region.

Where are you located?

We are in Northern Virginia with facilities in Culpeper, VA, and Fredericksburg VA. View our Contact page for address information.

I’m a distributor, who should I speak with about working with you?

Contact the Sales Director for your territory and they would be happy to partner with you on stocking our products.

How can I stay up to date on your company and products?

Sign up for our marketing newsletter on our website or follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter for news and product updates!

How can I contact your company?

You can call us during business hours at 540-825-8334 or use the form on our contact page and we will be in touch.


Where do I send my order?

You can email your orders directly to our inside sales team at orders@bandt-us.com.

Which distributors do you work with?

We work with a wide range of distributors in both the water and gas industries. Refer to our distributors page or contact us to find the best route to purchasing our products.

I can’t seem to find a specific product in your catalog, do you no longer carry it?

We offer a wide range of products and can’t possibly fit every configuration in our catalog. Please contact us to find out our specific product offerings. If we don’t offer the exact part you’re looking for, chances are we can offer you a new and improved solution for your application.

When will my items ship?

We do our best to get you your order within your desired time frame. Lead times can vary based on inventory, quantities, and the acquisition of materials. Contact our inside sales team for an estimate of when your order will arrive.

What sort of manufacturer’s warranty do you offer?

We offer 50 years for all B&T curb boxes and valve boxes when used with B&T components, 5 years for all injection-molded meter pits and lids in combination with B&T components, 1 year for all products when used with another manufacturer’s item, and 1 year for all other products offered by B&T. For more details, please view our limited warranty document.

Can I see a sample of an item before I make a purchase?

Of course! Contact our sales team for a sample of any of our products.

Curb Box & Valve Box Products

What is the difference between a curb box and a valve box?

A curb box accesses the curb stop of a service line and is typically installed behind the curb line of a street. A valve box accesses an underground valve on the mainline utility infrastructure. Curb boxes are typically 3” in diameter or less and valve boxes are typically 4” in diameter or greater.

How do I keep people from accessing our underground valves?

Our Valve Sentinels are the most durable, high-security devices on the market for protecting valve boxes. Valve Sentinels allow you to put your own lock on the box, making them perfect for lock-out tag-out procedures.

What is the difference between “old style” and “new style” curb boxes?

Old Style curb boxes have a lid that fits over the rim of the top section and extends beyond the top section. New Style curb boxes have a lid that fits inside the rim of the top section. See page 4 of the Curb Box and Valve Box Catalog.

Why do you only offer white plastic components?

White plastic significantly increases the visibility for utility workers when looking into a curb or valve box.

What is the difference between a riser and an adapter?

A riser, or paving riser, is used to raise the height of a valve box a small increment (maybe 1” or 2”) often due to paving operations. An adapter can transition products from one diameter to another or from one material to another.

Can plastic valve boxes be placed in the roadway?

Plastic valve boxes can be placed in the roadway provided the appropriate road-rated rim is included.

How do I know the height of valve box I need?

To calculate the height of your valve box you will need the know the depth of your trench and the size of your valve. Then use this worksheet to calculate the right extension range you’ll need before purchasing your valve box.

How do I keep my valve box lid from popping out in the roadway?

B&T offers several options that will help your lids stay in place. One option is one of our locking lids that use a bolt and/or bar to keep the lid firmly on the box. Another option is our long skirt or tri-skirt heavy duty lids, specifically designed to only be removed by lifting straight up and are compatible with most valve boxes on the market. Check out our guide to valve box lids for more information.

There are a lot of options for valve box lids. How do I know which is right for our application?

Speaking with one of our knowledgeable sales directors will be the best option for determining the right lid for your needs. You can also reference our guide to choosing a valve box lid.

Meter Pit Products

What is the difference between an “A-style” meter frame and a “C-Style” meter frame?

For an “A-Style” meter frame, the meter lid fits inside the rim frame and flush with the top of the frame. For a “C-Style” meter frame, the meter lid sits on top of the meter frame and overlaps the frame. See Page 42 of our Meter Pits, Frames, & Lids Catalog.

How do I install a meter pit?

In general, you’ll want to follow these instructions to properly install your meter pit.

Do you have a meter lid solution that gives us the flexibility to swap out AMI/AMR transmitters if needed?

We do! Our Maverick meter lids allow you to purchase one lid and swap out inserts based on the AMI/AMR transmitter you are currently using. This saved you money and hassle in the future should your plans change.

Are your meter lids H-20 load rated?

There can be some confusion around the meaning of H-20 load rating. Our plastic meter lids and meter pits meet a proof load of 20,000 lbs and are tested with the AASHTO-M-306 parameters. For more information, check out our guide on Load Ratings.

What is injection-molded plastic?

The B&T injection molding process melts pelletized polypropylene and injects the material into a mold. The resulting plastic pits are durable, lightweight, and ready to install.