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Tri-Skirt Lids

Tri-Skirt Lids

Tri-Skirt 2_-01
Tri-Skirt 2_-02
Tri-Skirt 2_-06
Tri-Skirt 2_-09
Tri Skirt Lid Lifter Resized-15

Built for Heavy Traffic

With a hefty weight and a long skirt, the Tri-Skirt Lid is perfect for areas with traffic over 45 mph. The lid can only be removed by lifting straight up vertically reducing the risk of a lid that would pop out.

  • 4″ tapered skirt to fit any 5 1/4″ valve box
  • Reduces the risk of pop outs that result in road hazards or liability issues
  • Weighs 22 lbs. and can be easily lifted using the B&T Lid Lifter
  • Lid can be customized with your municipality logo or name
  • Can be labeled water, sewer, or gas
  • Can be powder-coated to reduce routine maintenance