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Built to Last: American-Made Access Solutions for Critical Water & Gas Utilities

Bingham & Taylor proudly supports the Robles/Shea U.S. Sailing team in the 2024 Olympics
Bingham & Taylor Cast Iron Foundry

Quality American-Made Products

Bingham & Taylor is committed to manufacturing the highest quality products, which are 100% proudly made in the USA. At Bingham & Taylor, we uphold a legacy of excellence by committing to the highest standards of quality, safety, and innovation in every product we offer. From durable designs to groundbreaking safety features, our products are crafted to exceed industry expectations and meet the diverse needs of modern infrastructure.

A 175-Year Commitment to Safety and Innovation in Every Product

Boasting the broadest selection in the industry, our products set the standard for durability, safety, and innovation. Each solution is meticulously crafted in the USA, ensuring reliability across water works, natural gas, and sewer systems. With Bingham & Taylor, experience unparalleled quality and a commitment to environmental sustainability in every product.

A 175-Year Commitment to Safety and Innovation in Every Product

Orange County Utilities - Water
City of Myrtle Beach - water
Miami-Dade - water
Bingham & Taylor - Atoka - Water
City of Cape Coral - Irrigation
Clemson, SC - Water
Augusta, Georgia - B&T - Water
Coastal Carolina - Water

Customize Your Utility Access With Our Tailored and Personalized Solutions

At Bingham & Taylor, we excel in creating custom products like name or logo-embossed and colored lids and specially designed components tailored to your needs. Our in-house design engineers utilize extensive design capabilities and 3D printing for prototypes, ensuring your specifications are met with precision before full production. Elevate your utility management with bespoke solutions that enhance functionality and security.

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