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Durability meets Versatility

Our new Maverick Meter Lids are designed with smart inserts that can be swapped out for different meter transmitters. Our Thru hole lid allows any type of AMI/AMR transmitter to be mounted and our solid lid gives you options for under-the-lid mounting.

Available in diameters ranging from 12.25 – 13 inches. For a larger diameter of 21.25″, a cast iron ring is used with the 12.25″ Maverick lid. Custom lettering and logo also available.

Meter Lids are unique to specific meter frames. Make sure you ask your Sales Director about the correct meter lid and frame combination.

Maverick Plastic Meter Lid with Thru Hole
Maverick Plastic Meter Lid
Close up of Maverick Plastic Meter Lid Made in the USA

Exceptional Strength

The fiberglass reinforced polypropylene material provides exceptional strength and can withstand a loading of 20,000 lbs. The unique design of the underside ribbing provides the structural support you need.

Locking Mechanism

Maverick Meter Lids use a standard pentabolt and worm gear mechanism to securely fit the lid under the rim of the meter frame.

Close Up of Maverick Plastic Meter Lid Locking Mechanism Pentagon Bolt
Close Up of Maverick Plastic Meter Lid Locking Mechanism Pentagon Bolt


Maverick Lids are available in diameters from 12.25 – 13.00 inches (16 & 21 coming soon) and can accommodate Neptune, Sensus, Mueller, or Badger/Orion transmitters through the lid.

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