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The New Heavy Duty Valve Box

Our NEW Bison valve box components are made from heavy duty plastic and used with a cast iron rim and lid to make complete assemblies. Bison Boxes comes in 2.5″ and 5.25″ diameters.

Options for bison components include: slide or screw adjustment, straight or PI top sections, various bell designs to fit assorted valves, paving riser options, and cast iron rim and lid options with customization.

How to install a Bingham and Taylor valve box.

  • Curb Box Standard Assemblies

We offer 9 standard curb box assemblies with or without a water lid.

*Assembly drawings shown with water lid.

Extension RangeTopBottomLink to CAD
21-281218P02ZHC2128W Drawing
25-341224P02ZHC2534W Drawing
27-401824P02ZHC2740W Drawing
31-461830P02ZHC3146W Drawing
33-522430P02ZHC3352W Drawing
39-583030P02ZHC3958W Drawing
39-643036P02ZHC3964W Drawing
49-763048P02ZHC4976W Drawing
55-823054P02ZHC5582W Drawing
  • Valve Box Standard Assemblies

We offer 6 standard valve box assemblies set up with the 101 bell. You can order these assemblies in screw or slide type, with a P500 rim or PI rim, and with or without a water lid.

*Assembly drawings shown in screw type with PI rim, 101 bell, and a water lid.

Extension RangeTopBottomLink to CAD
22-281018P05ZHC2228B1W Drawing
27-381424P05ZHC2738B1W Drawing
39-501436P05ZHC3950B1W Drawing
36-482424P05ZHC3648B1W Drawing
39-602436P05ZHC3960B1W Drawing
51-722448P05ZHC5172B1W Drawing
  • 2.5in Top Sections with Rims
  • 2.5in Bottom Sections
  • 5.25in Top Sections with Rims
  • 5.25in Bottom Sections
  • 5.25in Bells
  • 5.25in Extensions

ComponentHeightAdjustmentLink to CAD
P02PTHC1212ScrewP02PTHC12 Drawing
P0P2THC1818ScrewP02PTHC18 Drawing
P02PTHC2424ScrewP02PTHC24 Drawing
P02PTHC3030ScrewP02PTHC30 Drawing

ComponentHeightAdjustmentLink to CAD
P02BHC1818ScrewP02BHC18 Drawing
P02BHC2424ScrewP02BHC24 Drawing
P02BHC3030ScrewP02BHC30 Drawing
P02BHC3636ScrewP02BHC36 Drawing
P02BHC4242ScrewP02BHC42 Drawing
P02BHC4848ScrewP02BHC48 Drawing
P02BHC5454ScrewP02BHC54 Drawing
Top Sections with Full Flange Rim (CUL5API)

ComponentHeightAdjustmentLink to CAD
P05PTHCB1010ScrewP05PTHCB10 Drawing
P05PTHCB1414ScrewP05PTHCB14 Drawing
P05PTHCB2424ScrewP05PTHCB24 Drawing
P05PTHSB1010SlideP05PTHSB10 Drawing
P05PTHSB1414SlideP05PTHSB14 Drawing
P05PTHSB2424SlideP05PTHSB24 Drawing
Top Sections with Partial Flange Rim (CUL5APIAGL)

ComponentHeightAdjustmentLink to CAD
P05PTHCC1010ScrewP05PTHCC10 Drawing
P05PTHCC1414ScrewP05PTHCC14 Drawing
P05PTHCC2424ScrewP05PTHCC24 Drawing
P05PTHSC1010SlideP05PTHSC10 Drawing
P05PTHSC1414SlideP05PTHSC14 Drawing
P05PTHSC2424SlideP05PTHSC24 Drawing
Top Sections with No Flange Rim (GRE5R500R)

ComponentHeightAdjustmentLink to CAD
P05PTHCA1010ScrewP05PTHCA10 Drawing
P05PTHCA1414ScrewP05PTHCA14 Drawing
P05PTHCA2424ScrewP05PTHCA24 Drawing
P05PTHSA1010SlideP05PTHSA10 Drawing
P05PTHSA1414SlideP05PTHSA14 Drawing
P05PTHSA2424SlideP05PTHSA24 Drawing

Bottom Sections below have the 101 bell style. See Bells & Stems for other bell options.

ComponentHeightAdjustmentLink to CAD
P05BHC1818ScrewP05BHC18 Drawing
P05BHC2424ScrewP05BHC24 Drawing
P05BHC3636ScrewP05BHC36 Drawing
P05BHC4848ScrewP05BHC48 Drawing
P05BHS1818SlideP05BHS18 Drawing
P05BHS2424SlideP05BHS24 Drawing
P05BHS3636SlideP05BHS36 Drawing
P05BHS4848SlideP05BHS48 Drawing

ComponentHeightLink to CAD
P05BH10612.5P05BH106 Drawing
P05BH107 (COMING SOON)14.5P05BH107 Drawing
Stems for 106 & 107 Bell

ComponentHeightAdjustmentLink to CAD
P05SHC1212ScrewP05SHC12 Drawing
P05SHC1818ScrewP05SHC18 Drawing
P05SHC2424ScrewP05SHC24 Drawing
P05SHC3030ScrewP05SHC30 Drawing
P05SHS1212SlideP05SHS12 Drawing
P05SHS1818SlideP05SHS18 Drawing
P05SHS2424SlideP05SHS24 Drawing
P05SHS3030SlideP05SHS30 Drawing

ComponentHeightExtends BoxAdjustmentLink to CAD
P05EHC242420ScrewP05EHC24 Drawing
P05EHC303026ScrewP05EHC30 Drawing
P05EHS242420SlideP05EHS24 Drawing
P05EHS303026SlideP05EHS30 Drawing